New school

The new School building is built in the middle of the 1920's. In those days there where on the top floor, a classroom for crafts, a gymnasium and the householders little flat. On the first floor there where two big Classrooms. In the corridor there where a kind of furnace that heated the huge chimney. The chimney in it's turn heated all the classrooms. With a big handle in the entrance, you could switch between winter and summer mode. A very intricate heating system for it's time. Gräsbo School closed when the new Central School in Östervåla was built,  

Solsalen (the Sunny room) is our lovely breakfast room/lounge in what used to be the Gymnasium. You will experience the name, when the Sun shines through all the large windows.

The householders little sweet apartment includes a kitchen and it's own bathroom. In the other end there is now days the Red and the Green rooms and bathroom..

On the first floor, an old classroom still exists. It is mainly used as a dining room these days. In the other end is the Flower room with a view of the garden.

Green Room

The first finished room in the former Handicrafts room. A small beautiful room with a nice view over our garden and afternoon Sun.

Red Room

The second room, in the former handicraft room, to be finished. A little larger room with a view of the Forrest behind the Little House. Nice evening Sun and Sunset.

Sunny Room

Absolutely the best room in the building. The B&B's Breakfast Room and Lounge, in the former Gymnasium with over 5 m to the sealing and with windows facing both north and south. Equally nice in sunlight as in the evening in front of the fireplace.

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The little Flat

The housekeepers little flat. A small cosy flat with top modern kitchen, equipped with microwave and dishwasher. The flat has it's own bathroom downstairs by the entrance. The room has a double bed and there is a sofa bed in the kitchen

Flower Room

A part of the other Classroom on the first floor. A large room with windows facing the Garden and the old Appletree. The room as it's own bathroom.

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